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You have cash, but still can‘t get the mortgage? We are here to help by providing friendly professional advice and with access to over 90 mortgage lenders always making sure their clients have the most competitive deals available in the market place.

We aim to make your mortgage journey as simple, straightforward and hassle free as possible. We are on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish. Give us a call 02087092920; mobile: 07448955958.


Do I need a deposit?

Yes, you will need to provide at least a 5% deposit, however there are government schemes currently available to assist with this and the larger the deposit you provide the better the interest rate.

What information do I need to provide the mortgage company?

• For Employed: You will need to provide your latest 3 months payslips and latest P60 for 2 years. Your latest 3 months bank statements from all of your current accounts.
• For Self Employed: You will need to provide in most cases your Latest 2 years trading accounts, tax computations from your Accountant and Tax years Overviews. Your latest 3 months bank statements from all your current accounts.
In all cases:
Evidence of your deposit, Identification such as passport or ID.
This list isn’t exhaustive and the lender can request further information.

How long do mortgages normally last?

Typically, mortgages last around 20 years, but in reality this can change according to a whole variety of factors. When you set up your mortgage you will decided the term (i.e. the length of the mortgage) according to your repayment plan. We will give a full explanation of your options and often by discussing your concerns and needs we will provide full guidance on this.

How big a mortgage can I take out?

Exactly how much you can borrow will depend on various factors to do with your financial situation as well as, of course, the value of the property that is being put up as security.

Historically, mortgage lenders used to simply use a basic multiple of your base income in order to work out how much they are willing to lend you. Now, they will conduct a more thorough financial evaluation, taking into account your net income, with your regular outgoings and expenses factored in, in order to work out how much you can borrow. They will also look at your credit score and any loans or credit cards you currently have and this

Can I still get a mortgage if my credit rating is bad?

There are mortgage plans out there to suit people in a whole range of financial situations and so if your credit score is less than perfect, don’t worry, the chances are that there is a product out there for you. We are here to help you.

Can I get a mortgage offer before finding a new home?

We’ll be able to give you an idea of how much you could borrow. You can also find out what type of mortgage you’d like and how much it’s likely to cost. We won’t be able to make you a formal offer until you’ve gone through a full mortgage application and we’ve carried out a valuation on the home you want to buy.